About the project

Much progress has been made during the last decades in static geological modeling, dynamic geothermal reservoir modeling and performance computing. Yet, many developments are still largely independent and confined to academic circles. The main objective of the CHARMS project is to take a step further and deliver the foundations numerical components of an open framework so that integrated dynamic conceptual models of geothermal systems in complex geological settings can be produced from the early phases of exploration and evolve continuously through collaborative contributions into operational reservoir models.
The project is based on the following pillars: 

  • a consistent framework to link evolutionary complex geological models and the definition of the nonlinear physics of geothermal flows, 
  • the improvement of the parallel ComPASS platform to accurately model multiphase multicomponent geothermal flows on unstructured meshes with discontinuities (fault, fractures…), 
  • baseline validation tests and industrial cases, including complex well geometries. 

Dernière mise à jour le 27.11.2017